What is Surgitron?

  • Surgitron is a high radio frequency "scalpel" used to remove moles, skin tags , broken vessels and some skin lesions. 

How Does it Work?

  • Radio Wave technology uses high-frequency energy which passes through a fine wire electrode and can be used to remove raised lesions, moles and skin tags on the skin without a surgical incision or stitching. Healing is quick with minimal discomfort.
  • The skin is first anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic ( or numbing cream), when comfortably numb the mole is shaved away, as the Surgitron shaves the blood vessels are sealed give a process with no blood loss.
  • After there is a raw non-bleeding surface no bigger than the original size of the lesion. The surface will scab and 7-10 days later there is a fresh healthy layer of new skin, which over time blends in to the normal skin colour.
  • Moles: Fleshy moles (dermal naevi) are easily removed and are always sent to the lab for analysis to ensure there are no precancerous changes. In the unlikely event of pre-cancerous or cancerous changes being found, further surgery would be required.
  • Warts, skin tags, broken vessels and some skin lesions can also be removed with this method.


Post-operative Instruction


  • Clean the wounds with normal saline and antibiotic ointment 2 times / daily.
  • Or change artificial dressings 2 – 3 times in the first few days.
  • Always use a strong sunblock, if sun exposure is unavoidable (SPF 30 or greater).
  • Avoid exposing scars to sun for at least 6 months.