Children's Ear Piercing

Safely Performed by Dr. Chang


Ear piercing is widely common yet very few places offer medical ear piercing services. Our clinic offers professional children’s ear piercing services along with their comprehensive pediatric care through Dr. Chang. When it comes to an infant ear piercing or a toddler ear piercing, caution should be taken by every parent. Children, especially infants are known to have very sensitive skin and are required by experienced plastic surgeon to use only allergy safe products.


We perform gentle, painless, allergy safe ear piercing services for children of all ages. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Meng-Ching Chang, understands the stress involved in being a parent and will relieve all your concerns regarding ear piercing. 

Our piercing procedures are performed by our experienced doctor in a sterile environment. We suggest only use surgical steel or of gold that's at least 14 karat earrings.  Cheap earrings can cause a series of allergic reactions and are not recommended by doctors.


How to prevent complications after piercing


After the piercing, don't remove the earrings for six weeks. During that time, wipe some normal saline around the ear lobe twice a day, apply an antibiotic ointment or cream to the earlobe as well as to the earring itself before putting it back on, and twist the earrings at least once a day.


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After six weeks, the ear lobes should have healed and you can put different earrings on.