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Medlite C6 Laser treatment room


What is a Laser Toning Peel?

The Medlite C6 Laser Toning is a gentle non-invasive method of skin resurfacing to improve the quality and texture of the skin with damaging the epidermis with no lengthy downtime.

The Laser works by stimulating collagen production. As the new collagen is generated, lines and wrinkles are decreased.

The Medlite is most commonly used for removing brown age spots, “liver spots”, freckles and other brown birth marks, such as café-au-lait spots and Nevus of Ota.


Advantages of Laser Toning treatment:

  • No downtime
  • Quick treatments
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Able to treat all skin types
  • Minimal to no adverse reactions or contraindications
  • Compatible with many other cosmetic treatments
  • Progressive improvement over several months post treatment course


What does it feel like?

You may find a mild heating and a prickling sensation during your procedure.


How will my skin look after the treatment?

(This will vary according to the size of the area treated and the strength of the treatment)

Mild to moderate redness, swelling & sensitivity, with some skins experiencing mild hives, for 12-24 hours.


How many sessions will I need?

Laser skin rejuvenation is a gradual process.

Usually patients need 4-6 treatments spaced 3-5 weeks apart.

Many patients choose to return for touch up treatments after initial treatment course to maintain results.



(Reasons why Laser Toning Peel may not be suitable for you)

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  • Roaccutane use in last 6 months
  • Dermatitis or infection in the area to be treated
  • Pregnancy
  • History of Keloid scarring or abnormal wound healing
  • Light sensitising medication
  • Light triggered seizures